who is she

Art maker, mediums: leaves and blossoms

Intricate floral design; dried, foraged, fresh

valenteen intends to nourish a feeling of connection with nature, people around you and your-self through flowers.

Appreciating flowers and green life, watching their life cycle and beauty at every stage.

Gifting others with love, thank yous, understanding, welcomes and excitement through the beauty and language found in flowers.

Show yourself care, placing flowers into your routine and feel their positive energy. A visual reward, calming scents and colour to sooth or stimulate.   

Valenteen focuses on curious texture and unique shapes, seeing a sculptural form in each individual stem and collating flowers together as an art piece.  
Morgan the founder of Valenteen hopes to remove people’s perception of flowers as a throw away gift and florists as just flower arrangers. The concept behind Valenteen aims for more meaning and purpose to be put into flower purchases and for the skill and labour of florists to be recognised.


Morgan is currently in her final year of floristry studies, with a background in design and marketing. She adores all floral creations especially the Design to Dry Bunches and Floral Pendants. Morgan loves to design with her clients to create the perfect piece for them with that Valenteen feel. When shes not covered in leaves or in maker store &studio Morgan's in sunny spot with a book, her pup whiskey and a baguette. 


morgan and whiskey by Lazybones Photos

image by Lazybones Photos